Our honey is as pure as the bees make it


Letcom Bongi Bees (PTY) LTD is a black women-owned beekeeping business established in 2017 by Lulu Letlape as a response to her suffering from an auto immune disease. Her diagnosis forced her to drastically change her way of life , abandoning the city and the stressful full time employment and choosing rural life and the buzzing bees , and committing to ensuring the sustainability of the bee community and food security. Living with bees at the farm has contributed to a miraculous improvement in Lulu’s own health.

Bongi bees specialises in:

• Manufacturing of honey
• Manufacturing of wax
• Community training
• Pollination
• Bee Removal

Bongi- a Zulu word derived from the word “Bonga” meaning be thankful, is our own way of showing appreciation to the hard working bees for their gift of honey and pollination of flowers and plants thereby enabling the continuity of food security. Bongi Bees is not just contributing to the sustainability of the bee community but also enabling human beings to have access to the healing properties of raw honey.

The Bongi Bees honey farm is situated in Rayton, Pretoria East, in the City of Tshwane, where some of our bee hives are located.

Our honey is as pure as the bees make it. It is not radiated nor is it mixed with anything. This is pure raw honey as nature intended it to be.

We are registered as beekeepers with the Department of Agriculture and are members of the Southerns Beekeepers Association.

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